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Now that I’m older I finally understand all, ok well most, of the lessons my parents and others tried to teach me when I was younger. I’ve experienced enough life to now know certain things were true. Like eating cereal at midnight every night will catch up with you.

With that said here are the 10 things I wish I would have known 10 years ago:

  1. The friends you have now may not be your friends forever.
    • While I still talk to a group of friends I’ve known for 20 years, I’ve personally fallen out with plenty others I once considered family. Nothing in particular happened, but we grew apart. People change, and that change could be in you. It’s not to say anyone has become better or worse, but they do change. Be willing to let go of friendships that are toxic or not going in the same direction as you.
  2. Do and learn things by taking a systematic approach.
    • Whatever you want to learn and achieve, do it with small steps. Don’t rush and hope for an overnight transformation. They don’t happen. Take your time and take the proper steps to reach your goals. Be patient and learn things the proper way.
  3. couple kissingYou weren’t that in love.
    • Get over your breakups as quickly as you can. Life is short and there are billions of people in this world. Don’t waste time sulking over the one it didn’t work out with because the right one could be right around the corner.
  4. You only feel your age according to the people you surround yourself with.
    • It’s easy to think you’re getting older just because your actual age goes up. But how old you feel really depends on who you’re with. Hang out with cool people who want to explore and enjoy life, and stay young forever. On the other hand make sure you hang out with people whose maturity level is where you want to be as well. Sometimes being older can be better.
  5. College, institution and even religious education can never beat your own experiences.
    • Hold on to them and don’t let others’ ideas or beliefs overshadow them. Develop your own opinions and beliefs based off your truths and understandings.
  6. Learn to accept people for who they are and don’t expect things outside of their character.
    • If their character isn’t suitable for you then surround yourself with new people. Trying to force others to change rarely goes well.
  7. person in dryerPeople still mess up the simplest of things.
    • Some people, for whatever reason, can never be on time or even own up to the mistakes they obviously made. Don’t be too surprised when your friends or even family let you down over stuff you think could be avoided. Always plan for worse case scenarios.
  8. There’s a difference between being nice and being weak.
    • A lot of times people try to be so nice that they allow people to take advantage of them. You can be nice and strong. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs. Being nice doesn’t mean you have to say yes to everything or always agree with someone. It means you are open and fair.
  9. Bad stuff happens and will happen again and again in your life.
    • Sometimes for no reason at all. You could do everything perfectly and be an amazing person and then boom, something goes wrong. Accept that and when they do keep moving on and do your best to be happy.
  10. Be who you really are in all situations.
    • Stop thinking that who you are doesn’t fit in certain situations. Instead realize those certain situations don’t fit you and if you can’t be happy being you then what’s the point?