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As we wrap up the year, lets reminisce on a few of the fashion mistakes we should all be cautious of in 2016.



photo credit: civilized.life

Yeah yeah, I know, you were “late for work”, or the iron just “wasn’t working this morning” right?

We’ve all seen this way too many times!

Whether it’s a wrinkled shirt, pants, or even a tie. Not only do you throw your outfit off, you may also cause yourself to lose creditability as a student or professional.

Tucked T-shirt to show belt buckle.

Belt Buckle

photo credit: theshaveden.com

Living in Miami (the city of Designer belts), you wont believe how often I encounter this.

I’m imagining the thought process is something like “I spent $500 on this belt, IT NEEDS TO BE SEEN!”, but that may not be the most accurate.

The “Tucked T-shirt” look has been dead since the early 2000’s.
LET IT GO fellas!



Flip Flops and socks.

Flip Flops

photo credit: sodahead.com


Wearing socks with flip-flops totally defeats the purpose of flip-flops in the first place.

Flip flops are made to allow your feet to relax and breathe, so adding that extra fabric to the equation not only effects the purpose, but is also a tacky look overall.


Ignoring stains.


photo credit: thisthatandtheotherthang.wordpress.com

Guys, trust me I know, its lunch time, your scarfing down your favorite burger and it happens!

You get a stain on your favorite shirt!

Your uneasy for the rest of the day and that’s perfectly fine but the issue occurs when it’s around the same time next week and you wear the same stained shirt again hoping the stain disappeared.

Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it didn’t, so brace yourself. Anyone who noticed it last week might be a bit stand offish.

Square Toe  Shoes.

Square shoes

photo credit: linksonjack.com

Lets keep this one short and sweet. STS have been dead for over a decade now.

Let it R.I.P.




Jewelry Overload.


photo credit: pinterest.com



Jewelry is good, too much of it isn’t always the same.

Putting 3-4 rings on at once, or 5-6 chains on at the same time, can come across a bit arrogant if you’re not a rapper or rock star.

Oh you are a rapper?

Okay, carry on…








photo credit: ambergristoday.com

..need I say more?