As we navigate our way through the new year, we all vow to dump our old habits and try some new habits on for size.  So with a quarter of the year in the books, some of us have already resorted back to our old ways.  With summer right around the corner, it’s never too late to incorporate new practices that will give you a boost of confidence.

Here are my five simple habits that will have you on your way to a better you, inside and out.

Your posture speaks loudly about you, even before opening your mouth. When you’re walking, be sure to keep your head up, shoulders back, and tighten your core.  Just by changing your posture, you will look and feel more confident.

Fellas, breaking news, women hate unkempt body hair.  Be sure to trim your chest, ear and nose hairs.  No one needs to see tufts of hair coming out these regions of your body.  Also, cleaning up your underarm and back hairs will definitely avoid you looking like Chewbacca whenever you decide to take off your shirt.

Drinking water is a very simple thing that makes a big difference. Staying hydrated will make your eyes look more awake and your skin look healthier.  It also helps against bad breath and headaches.

Dental Hygiene
This two minute habit of flossing and brushing your tongue sounds very minor, but it can improve your breath ten fold. Brushing is fine, but taking that extra step to brush the tongue and floss can play a major part in your approach to the woman of your dreams.

There are two areas that are a focal point for women: your face and your hands.  Let’s start with the face.  Embracing proper skin-care will avoid your face from looking old and dry.  Start with going beyond washing your face with soap, which actually dries out your face.  You want to use a facial cleanser, preferably one with 2% salicylic acid, in the morning and evening, to help wash away unwanted dirt and oils.  Next, the hands.  Women notice your hands.  There are many (wink-wink) performance reasons why you will want to keep your nails short and clean.  You don’t have to go out and get a mani/pedi, but you want to keep your nails neatly trimmed to avoid points or uneven edges.

There is no science or secret for building confidence.  It doesn’t take very much to incorporate new habits in your daily, weekly or monthly routine.  A couple of minor changes can have a major impact that will boost your confidence and put you on a new path.