Lately, I find myself having a lot of conversations about how to choose the right career. Even with all the test and guides out there, this is still one of the most difficult tasks in a person’s life. Happiness, sustainability, and profitability are the three most important factors most people consider. Yet, the question is how do you find the right balance between the three.

The answer is really unique to each person and their specific circumstances.  So here are my 5 simple keys to the right career:

1. Understand your skill set

The first step to finding the right career is understanding what basic skills you possess and which areas you pick up quickly or already excel in. Understanding this can not only help you determine what you enjoy, but also identify areas where you are likely to reach high achievements and accomplishments. In simple terms…what are you capable of succeeding at?

2. Identify your interests

Every one thinks they want to work doing what they love and enjoy most, but let’s be real for a second. That’s not always the best choice for you career for many reasons. It could be an extremely high barrier of entry or simply you’re not that great at it so you are limited in growth. The trick is if you can’t do what you love, identify the underlying reasons why you love it. Identify your internal interest that make you like doing certain tasks and activities. What are you passions conceptually?

3. Find the opportunities

The modern market is one of constant evolution and change. People and companies have to come up with new and unique ways to accomplish the goals and tasks. Job descriptions and  business models are being redefined daily. It’s your job to analyze the market and find which career field fit you, your interest, and your skills. Another key to this is knowing what opportunities are around you. What opportunities are in  you local market or markets you can reach.

4. Consider the plan for your life

Ever hear of work-life balance? Life is more than your job. Personally, for amazing pay, I’d work 2 hours a day at a job I absolutely hated every minute of to have the whole rest of my day free to enjoy life. On the reverse I would not work consistent extremely  long hours at a job I really loved as it would take too much time away from my family. Maybe that’s not true for every one but the key is to consider the life you want and how work will fit in that. Will you be single for the next 5 years or do you need a career with flexible hours to accommodate your soon to be or already existing family?

5. Explore your top options

This is possibly the most important key and also the most scary. There is no one right answer to choosing the right career. There could possibly be dozens of careers that would make you happy and fit your life. Don’t be afraid to try out different ones before settling in on a lifelong journey. Use the experience you gain to further you skills and aptitudes. And lastly, enjoy the process. Have some fun trying out different things.


So what’s next? Stop stressing, get out there and find your perfect career. Don’t procrastinate. The foundation for your future starts now and every second wasted is a missed opportunity. so be proactive and start working towards your future. Happy hunting.