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Dating these days is getting trickier and trickier. I hear women complain about their love lives (or lack there of) and I have to admit, fellas, WE HAVE TO DO BETTER!

A lot of guys just aren’t doing all that they used to anymore, but is it because they’re just that careless now or is it that they simply don’t know?

Whatever the case may be, I’ve compiled a list of the basic moves to consider if your really trying to keep her.

Here are my 6 “Musts” on a First Date:

Have a plan

First thing first, you must have a plan! You have one for the other aspects of your life right?  So why not for your love life? I noticed a lot of guys tend to only think of the initial encounter, you know, at the “movies” or a “lounge”, but let’s be ambitious! If the night goes well, that initial venue may not be enough so be sure think ahead!

Note: A 2 or 3 part date says that you “thought it out” and at the end of the day, you’ll get a better feel for her by seeing her reaction to the different activities and places you bring her!


I’m sure you’ve heard this one numerous times and that’s only because its true! Being on time makes a statement that says “I respect your time” and “I cared enough to make time for you.” It shows that as a man, you’re responsible and your someone she can count on. Aside from all of that, let’s be honest, women HATE waiting!

Dress Nice

Depending on the planned activities, dress code is key. Remember, your image starts speaking for you before you can even get a word out, so be sure to represent yourself well. For example, if your first date is the basic dinner and drinks at a decent restaurant, be sure not to just wear a tee shirt and jeans like the average guy does because after all, you’re not just the average guy. Dress it up a bit!

Switch out those basic jeans for some premium denim and throw a blazer on top of that tee for more of a fashionable finish. This will speak volumes to your date and give you a head start over these other chumps!

FUN FACT: 42% of people say that they’ve had a one night stand and regretted it the next day.

Bring Flowers or Wine

Women love gifts. Dont they?

So it’s really a no brainer why it would make a difference picking your date up and handing her a dozen roses. Especially in this day and age where it seems all the gentlemen are dead and gone! Now, depending on the venue, (Netflix & Chill, Elegant dinner at home, etc) a bottle of wine may be a good substitute for those roses.

Remember: Do not take the cheap route with flowers! I have to admit, I’ve seen this backfire due to a guys negligence! Unless there’s a flower department with an actual florist, grocery store flowers are not the way to go!

Pay for the Check

Chivalry is not dead! Things seem to be working backwards these days with women paying for everything. Not to say a woman can’t pick up a bill here and there but it should never be expected on a first date, so make sure you align your account and your plans for that night to ensure you don’t become “that guy.”

FUN FACT: The average marriage length in the U.S. is 8 years, while in the U.K. marriages are lasting an average of about 11 years.

No Awkward Pauses

Now this one can be a little tricky. You’re going to want to find a balance between saying a lot without saying too much. In my experience, you never want to be the “shy guy” cause that’ll put you on a first class trip to the friend zone!

I have to admit, I totally understand, not all guys are as talkative or confident as others, so I’ve created a short list of basic “filler” questions that will lead to her speaking more and avoiding that awkward silence.

Find out who she is:

  • Where are you originally from?
  • What do you do? (School, work, etc)
  • What do you do for fun? (Tip: Find out what she likes to do and incorporate it into the second date.)

Try to find some similarities in her answers. You’d be surprise how much you’d find out about a woman by asking these three questions and if she’s passionate about her goals and activities, or if you guys have some in common, the conversation will flow so smoothly that she wont want you to leave!

bonus-002Trim & Clean Nails

This is a vital piece of information!

Make sure your nails are trimmed, filed, and clean!

Dont believe me? Pay attention the next time you introduce yourself to a woman. Somewhere between the time you reach out for a handshake to the 5 minute mark in your conversation, I guarantee she will glance at your nails.

Clean nails tell her you’re a clean man. This makes the statement that you take care of yourself and I havent met a woman who doesn’t appreciate that.


Welp, there we have it. These few tips have been working magic for me for years now and if executed correctly, I’m sure they’ll work for you too! Good luck guys!