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Okay so Kanye West had a point about quality materials. Let me explain, ever since we started this site I find myself really appreciating quality clothing material. Most of the items I’ve purchased lately have been simple, understated designs made of materials that have a really good and premium feel to them. Lately I find myself  wearing a lot of one brand…. Los Angeles based FairPlay Brand Clothing.

Now this isn’t an advertisement and they are not paying me to write this or anything like that. I’m simply just trying to share something dope with the Brandage Family.

The quality of these clothes are pretty amazing. I mean… it’s not like “best I’ve ever felt”, but for the average price its way above expected. In comparison to one of my other favorite brands, Publish Brand, FairPlay Brand shirts are anywhere between 10-30 dollars cheaper for similar designs and materials.  So far I own a couple of shirts and a few pairs of joggers, but let’s just look at one shirt.

FairPlay Brand: Pratt – Navy $36

FairPlay brand pratt navy shirt

The Fabric: 48% Polyester 35% Rayon 17% Cotton

Details: Two-tone mock-twist terry, elongated raglan, elongated back, scallop bottom, 2ÌÒ side split, tonal Fairplay center court logo embroidery, flag label at side seam.

My Thoughts: I love this shirt. It’s very comfortable and can go with a variety of moods from super chill to an early outing with friends.

My Fit:  I like to pair this with a pair of my FairPlay Brand light tan joggers and some navy blue Balenciaga Arenas. This light and dark combination brings out the navy details in the shirt while still allowing the lighter blue, grey, and white stand out.

Let me know what you guys think. Leave your reviews of FairPlay Brand in the comments or in the review section above.