2015 was a good year for music. Every couple of years we get a big  insurgence of new artist who have real potential. 2015 was one of those years. So let’s get in to it. Here are some of my favorite new comers you may have never heard.


PNB Rock

PNB Rock has been making major moves this year. He signed to a major label, Atlantic records, and released his highly anticipated RNB 3 mixtape. He reminds me of a better sounding fetty wap (who happens to be featured on RNB 3). Still, he’s maybe not the best singer. I don’t expect ballads coming from him, but in a world of singing rappers his unique voice is a standout contender. And now with major label backing and production, I’m looking forward to hearing what his next project will sound like.

Also, check out his live capabilities.

Peewee Longway

artist peewee longwaysPeewee Longway is one of those dudes getting a lot of love right now.
Hailing from Atlanta Peewee Longway has yet to put out a commercial
hit, but he’s killing in the streets right now.

Though small, Longway has built a loyal following. His flow is
versatile and a fresh welcome addition to the game’s most popping and
populated area, trap music.

Check out his latest mixtape below.


Torey Lanez

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If you keep your ears to the street you know Philly is making a strong run right now with it’s new artist. From Asaad to Chynna to GrandeMarshall to Kur, young Philly artists are coming in strong.

Rugdu CEO diddii


One group of artist that has yet to hit mainstream success is RUGDU. Formally Goonie Gun Club, yes same group as Quilly Millz, RUGDU is comprised of a group of rappers hailing from the Germantown area of Philadelphia.

Coming from the streets, their sound is a familiar one of the harsh Philly reality that plagues many of it’s youth. And let’s keep it real. Philly rappers have had the streets on lock since the early 2000’s. I’m talking nappy cornrolls meek, those crowded barbershop battles and street dvd’s.

Where they differ from the large pool of talent in Philly is they actually can make great songs. They’ve also linked up with plenty of the other up and coming Philly artists such as the previously mentioned PNB Rock. Check out Prayed Up from two of their artists, Siah and Kir.

Alina Baraz & Galimatias

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Bryson Tiller

If you don’t know the name you definitely know his breakout song “Don’t”. It’s all over the airwaves right now.


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