Urban Flora mixes amazing production with lyrical content that can set any hectic moment into an intimate mood. The sound is a modern feel that can be appreciated by fans of any genre of music.

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Alina Baraz and Danish producer Galimatias meet via Soundcloud. Now working together under Ultra label they have created this eight-track EP.
There aren’t a lot of albums of its kind that I’ve come across that provide the bounce this record has while keeping melodies that are super smooth. I definitely have Urban Flora on constantly. With tracks like “Fantasy”, “Can I”, and “Make You Feel” highlighting this EP, you can play the whole album on repeat. Overall you cannot go wrong with any track on its own and as a complete collection the album is nice.

It’s mesh of emotional tones with the bass of a hip hop anthem that creates magic. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Album Quality
89%Overall Score
Audio Quality94%
Replay Value88%
Reader Rating 1 Vote