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Recently I visited a store in Miami called The Purple Carpet and a funny thing happened. While I was talking to one of the attendants a young man walked up and asked for our opinion. He had two t-shirts in his hand.

One was some brand I didn’t recognize. It had writing and a big logo on the front. The other was a meme of Kermit the frog with a caption. You know one of those, “But that’s none of my business” shirts. They both looked ok in my opinion. Nothing special and probably nothing I would buy.

The guy who was helping me asked what it was for and the young man said it was for an all white party. Now I have nothing against t-shirts of that type, but for an all-white party? Or rather, for any party at all, neither of those really fit the bill. I mean if it where just to have for a regular day or a bar-b-que or something cool, but not for an event.

It honestly kind of shocked me. Especially since The Purple Carpet has plenty of dope options for such an occasion. I mean all the modern elongated tees and best street wear brands, but out of all of that he picked out those two shirts?

So here’s the thing. T-Shirts are cool, but not all t-shirts are the same. We are past the days when to go out you had to have a collared shirt or a button up on, but not just any shirt will do. If you going to a party get a shirt that modern and sleek.

Click here to check out shirts from Publish Brand as an example of modern style t-shirts that could be worn to parties.Your outfit for a party shouldn’t be the same level of style you would wear to the grocery store. Make sure you’re wearing the right type for the place your going.