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In business, the introduction is the most important part. This is true for both the business and the individual representing it. Without a great first impression, you rarely get the chance to try and further the relationship. Plenty of new technology factors contribute to a great first impression, such as web presence and etc., but the business card still holds an important role when it comes to direct marketing and face to face meetings.

While digital connections may be the new norm, being able to hand someone a well designed and memorable business card still carries significant weight in making that first impression great. Technology has done wonders for bringing people together, but there is still something esoteric about having a tangible item to exchange.

Johnathan Long, Founder and CEO of Market Domination Media, wrote a great, and short, article about the reasons business cards still matter.  His five reasons are as follows:

  1. Swapping contact information digitally is impersonal
  2. They are the most effective direct marketing tools
  3. A business cards is the first impression of your brand
  4. Creative business cards get shared — continuing to market for you
  5. Business cards show you are prepared

Check out the full article by clicking here

So now that we know why they are still important the next question is where to get them. Check out this promo video from MOO.com


Moo.com  is a great source for business cards and other promo items like flyers, stickers and etc. They have plenty of material and finish options to fit your unique business needs and feel great in hand. This is not a paid promotion or endorsement. I’m simply a happy customer who wanted to share.  Check out my business cards from them below.

For Tofani Inc.- a startup accelerator and web development firm: Standard Moo Size Business Cards, Matte Finish. Designed to be modern, simple and clean. Designed by Vanessa Osorio.

For Brandage: Luxe Business Cards. Designed to be bold, yet simple to match overall brand directions.

So what are you waiting on go get your new business cards or share some great resources in the comments.