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Rexx Life RAJ is in our Artist Spotlight this week!

For more than one reason at that, more like the 13 on his debut LP! The Berkeley rapper has been grinding for a while now and he’s finally beginning to get the recognition he deserves.

He recently released his new project, “Father Figure”, after weeks of releasing new music in an attempt to build anticipation.

The project has a Hip-hop/Soulful feel from beginning to end, with a touch of pop and features guest appearances from Nef The Pharaoh, Christian Crow, & ymtk.

He has what it takes, from his sound choices to lyrics and execution, he’s up next!

Let me know what you think guys!

Rexx Life RAJ Fun Facts
  • The Boise State Alum graduated with a degree in Communications in 2012, then turned all his focus into converting his hobby into a career.
  • Before rapping and killing these beats, Rexx was ripping the field playing as an Offensive Linemen for Boise State.
  • Aside from being an artist, he’s also a producer and has produced a few tracks on his recent release.

Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Earth-bending, Electro-metallic-fushion-Funk.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA


Rexx Life RAJ’s Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RexxLifeRaj/

Twitter: @rexxliferaj

Instagram: @rexxliferaj


Artist Spotlight: Rexx Life RAJ
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