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Bikes and Longboards Coming Back

You are never to old to get out of the car or off the motorcycle and enjoy the city roads. Whether it’s for fitness or entertainment, get out and enjoy the fresh air.

The question is how? Well let’s face it for most people jogging is boring and most of us follow the same process.

  1. Get motivated to start running
  2. Buy new running shoes as a good show of faith in our new commitment
  3. Get new running clothes
  4. Run for 1 to 2 weeks
  5. Get bored
  6. Stop running

This story is a sad truth, but the reality for most men. Either we are just bored or too busy to get out and run, but there are other options.

Biking and skateboarding are making a come back. Not just for the extreme cyclist or professional skaters, but for the everyday man who just wants to be active. People our getting out of the gym, off the couch, and back in fresh air.

So if running isn’t for you go out to your local skate shop or bike store and see what they have for you. Get out and enjoy the scenery.

Check out the highly rated Landyachtz Switch 40″ Fox Red Complete Longboard – 9.65×40. This is what I’m riding around on.