Is Boosie back or just trying too hard?

I vote Boosies back, but not how you knew him.

I know all the true Boosie fans are probably in love with the new album, but even as excited as I was, I’m a bit disappointed.

One thing I can say is that it’s definitely a different side of Boosie. The album conveys a more mature version of the “Bad Azz” rapper and I can personally appreciate the attempt to be more conscious on the 2016 release. The problem is, despite the title and similar to a lot of other fans,  I was just expecting a few more “bangers” or at least a new Boosie anthem.

Overall, there are a lot of deep and positive messages, plus even deeper stories told by Lil Boosie. From him speaking about his recent battle with Cancer and how the disease has taken so many of his loved ones to his many betrayals in his past, there’s definitely a lot more to learn about the Louisiana rapper by way of his music.

Lil BoosieAlbum cover

Boosies album cover choice is a bit questionable in my opinion.
Hold on! Let me explain.

I’m not saying he should’ve been on the cover with 10 chains on or anything along those lines. As a matter of fact the cover goes well with the theme of the album, yet still I just feel like a better graphic designer may have been able relay the same thoughts and emotions he’s promoting through his music with a higher or better quality piece of art.




1432617767_682196e2c5969ff8ddad414a4f887890With this being such a personal and heartfelt project, it looks like Boosie decided to keep the album between him and his fans and go without for this one.

Editors Favorite Song?
From the very first time listening to the album, I literally stopped the album on the 4th track to predict that “Warning Signs” would be my favorite song and after listening multiple times, I’ve realized I was right!

“Warning Signs” just gives you that old school ‘gangsta’ feel. That old school Boosie that just makes you wanna sway side to side or get hype and just feel like punching the next person that looks at you wrong!


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