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Created back in the 17th century, the bow tie fashion accessory has been styled and restyled plenty of times, but what’s the “right way” today?

Well, while that answer may vary from person to person or “stylist to stylist,” the basics still remain the same.

The Casual Bow Tie

I am not a stylist, but I am very stylish. With that said, in my opinion a Bow Tie, the ultimate gentlemen’s accessory, shouldn’t be worn casually.

That’s just my personally fashion opinion, but if you dare to be different, I’d say to pair it with some nicely fitted jeans, a premium button up, and some loafers.

I’d even dress it up a bit by adding a sports coat to get up, but would that still be considered casual? … Moving on.

The Formal Bow Tie

Okay, this is a bit more in my lane.

As easy as it may sound, wearing a bow tie the way it was intended to be worn can be quite a task.

I’ve seen a few tragedies in my day, but look, try not to overthink it. If you’re questioning yourself, your probably right so let’s keep it simple and grow from there.

With formal or “Black Tie” events, your usually required to wear a standard black tuxedo, with a black bow tie. “Clip-on” and “Pre-tied” ties will ruin the outfit because of the lack on authenticity.

Anyone who’s educated on the topic will notice and discredit the outfit and you as whole, so be sure to wear what’s called a “self-tie”. This is a classic style and a true test of your gentlemen IQ. Common choice of fabric for this tie is silk or satin and my bow tie shape of choice is “The Butterfly”.

Guys remember to find your style.

What works for me may not work for you so take bits and pieces of mine plus whoever else, and combine them with yours to create your own “Classically Dope” look.