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With over a million views in 1 day, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino’s year is stacking up to be major win for the actor/musician/comedian/writer. It may sound like a lot of hats for one man to wear, but so far he’s done it well.

Right after the hit first season finale of his new show, Atlanta on FX, earlier this month rumors of a new album surfaced. A shared picture of an album release schedule suggested we would see a new album from Childish Gambino on December 2nd. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Glover to confirm. On Wednesday night he tweeted to his fans the release of the album titled Awaken, My Love! and give us the first single. Check it out here:

Childish Gambino’s first single of new album called “Me and Your Mama”

Thoughts On The Single

DOPE!!! In true Childish Gambino form, Me and Your Mama is a beautiful fusion of various genres of music. Starting with smooth vocals over a smooth hip hop beat, the 6 minute song then switches into a gritty rock  before returning to a subtle bass and instrument melody. The song is sonically perfection. Needless to say, this album will be an interesting experience and we can expect may different types of songs.

Childish Gambino at Pharos Performance

Childish Gambino at Pharos Performance

The Full Picture

The dope thing about everything Donald Glover is doing is that it all the ties in together making him an interesting performer all around. His acting plays in to his music and vice versa. That is to say both metaphorically and literally.

My favorite album release ever was Because The Internet. He started the release with a 30 minute prequel video on YouTube, then released a full script to be read along with the album with queues for when to start certain songs or short video clips. The whole experience was amazing and gave a whole new meaning to concept albums. Now he’s doing it a little more subtle with this album and his show. Check out the pic of the new album cover in an episode of Atlanta.

Easter Egg Album Cover in Atlanta Episode

childish gambino atlanta album

Another interesting thing is we didn’t really here any music in Atlanta. Only snippets of songs and even in one episode just a fan spitting the lyrics of one. I wonder if this will tie in to the new album or if we have a stellar soundtrack for the show on the way. Either way I’m excited for this album and whatever Donald Glover has coming up next.

Pre-Order the album now on iTunes by clicking here.