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I really can’t understand why Childish Gambino isn’t more known by now. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is the definition of an artist.

Screen writer, actor, music artist, and comedian, he has seen success in many avenues. You might remember him from NBC’s Community, his comedy central comedy special or as a writer on 30 rock, but now more of his focus is on music.

His last album STN MTN / Kauai was a mix between mixtape and album. Well to clarify STN MTN was released first as a mixtape and then Kauai was released as an album. Both had their own sound and feel, but were meant to be two halves of the same project. STN MTN featured remixes of popular songs from the past decade or so. Kauai featured all original songs.

Sober is the first song on the second part Kauai. Sober is one of those songs that shows what he can really do as an artist.

The song is a melodic tale of lost love. with classy synths and beautiful base. The video is reminiscent of a modern version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It tells a story of lost love in only a way he can.