What happened to having a great collection of ties and watches? It wasn’t too long ago that ties and nice watches were the staple of men’s fashion. That era  faded away with casual clothing becoming the norm as suits got reserved for professional events. Along with change in apparel needs, technology advancements in phones pushed away the watch. Our smartphones became a replacement for the need to wear a watch and many other devices.

Change in fashion and technology contributed to the issue, but there was also one other factor that came in to play. The two popular accessories became stale. With little advancements in the form and function, ties and watches simply became boring. Thankfully that’s not the case anymore and here’s why.

Two things are currently happening in the world.

honeycomp hextie

photocredit: hextie.com

First, dapper fashion is coming back with the younger generations. Younger people are looking to add ties, bow ties, wingtip oxfords, and etc into their wardrobe which now resembles a more classic look then that of the last decade or so. The demand on the market for these items is increasing and becoming more competitive as a result. This has opened the door for new and trendy alternatives to the classic accessories. Check out the Hex Tie. This is a new company that offers ties, bow ties, tie clips and other accessories with a very modern look and feel. Check out the picture on the right. These trendy ties have been seen being popping up on red carpets all over. For only $99 you can get their popular Honeycomb model.

“Unique and eclectic, HEX TIE Honeycomb tie is made of lightweight matte black polymers embodying the shape of recurring hexagons. Assembled by hand, each tie reflects a custom setting, giving each piece a one-of-a-kind design. This eye-catching tie is sure to be a conversation starter, get ready to rock HEX!” – hextie.com

Motorolla Moto 360

Motorolla Moto 360

Second, our smart phones are getting bigger. Smartphones are becoming more capable than ever and have replaced a plethora of devices for the average person. Because of this people are willing to carry around larger screen devices to accomplish their more complicated or advanced tasks. However, this makes it inconvenient to do the simple things like checking the time or reading a quick message. In comes the smart watch.

The smart watch is the modern version of the classic timepiece. However more than just telling time, smartwatches come with a myriad of features. From fitness monitoring, to answering calls and text, to apps, the smartwatch concept has added convenient functionality to the wrist piece. There are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the most popular are the moto 360 pictured above, apple watch, and the samsung gear series. These options all have various options on the housing and band options, so you can customize your smartwatch to fit your style.

These are just a few examples of what’s out there.  The classic men’s accessories, ties and watches, have been reimagined and are just waiting for you to go and discover the option that’s right for you.