One of the most versatile shoes, The Cole Haan Zero Grand

Being stylish is one of the hardest things to keep up with for men. Especially when prices for everything are constantly going up. One way to save money is to add items to your wardrobe that can be used in various situations. The shirt that can go from office to outing. The chinos that look good at a corporate event, but can easily transfer to the after party. Or the shoe that can be appropriate anywhere.

zero grand shortsWhen I was younger that item for me was the Nike Air Force One. You could wear those with anything. Sadly, I even convinced myself it was a dope idea to wear them to prom smh.

Then in college it was a nice pair of Nike Dunks. They were sporty enough to wear with basketball shorts, but the right colorway could even be dressed up to hit the club. Even so, as I grew older my style continued to mature and I began looking for other options that fit me now. That’s when I was introduced to Cole Haan.

Cole Haan is a global lifestyle brand with a focus on men’s and women’s footwear and accessories. Most of their stuff is on the dressier side, but one of their newer collections, ZeroGrand, fits the versatile needs of the stylish yet budget friendly shopper.

The “ZeroGrand” brand name actually comes from the sole and other technology in the design of the shoes and comes in a few forms; oxford, chukka, boot, loafer and others. However, my favorite, and pick for the most versatile shoe every man should have, is the ZeroGrand Oxford Wingtip.

zero grand blackThe Shoe

If you ask anyone who owns a pair of ZeroGrand’s, they’ll say the same thing. They are super light. Actually they are lighter than most of the sneakers I own. That’s thank’s to the special sole and air holes in the upper section. This not only adds to the comfort of the shoe, but also creates a unique style. Really the sole is what separates it from regular wing tips and makes the ZeroGrand become a crossover between casual and dressy. They also come in like a million different color ways and materials to fit your unique style preferences.

The Style

The greatest part about the ZeroGrand Oxford Wing Tip is you can literally wear them with anything. The right color way can go from denim jeans, to khaki shorts, to modern joggers, to a full 3-piece suit. One shoe can literally carry you into any situation. Here are two outfit combinations form

zero grand classics outfit

the dapper gentleman outfit

cole haan zero blackThe Cost and Where To Buy

From the Cole Haan store itself, new ZeroGrands usually fall in the mid $200 range. However this is a high quality shoe and very worth the price. Though a lot of times you can find older colorways for cheaper on Amazon or stores like Off BroadWay Shoes tend to carry the Cole Haan brand at a slightly cheaper price.


For Women 

The Oxford WingTip also comes in a woman’s version. It has a slimmer silhouette, but the rest is mainly the same. It still has the same versatile characteristics, but is a little more limited due to it being a flat. If you pick yourself a pair up though, I’m sure the special woman in you life would love some too. Check out the pics below.

womans zero grands

womans zero grand

My Favorite Way To Rock Them

This has to be one of my favorite pair of shoes I own. I like to wear them is with a nice pair of jeans and a  button up shirt or a polo style shirt. Typically I dress pretty casual and these fit right in, while still giving me a more upscale look and feel to my outfits. Definitely a must have shoe for any man who wants a mature modern style.

Leave a comment and let us know how you would rock the ZeroGrands.