Good morning,

You wake up, it’s sunny out and it’s times to get ready for your usual day-to-day activities. Now whether that involves work, school or both, there’s a list of MUST HAVES that you cannot forget at home in order for you to feel fresh and for your day to be productive.

I’ve done a lot of research and after speaking to a few groups of guys, here are my selections for your “Daily Must Haves” plus mine.


Watch: apple watch

How can you leave home without it! Whether it’s a $10,000 Rolex or a $500 Smart watch, it’s that accessory that speaks on its own. Along side your well-groomed hair and stylish clothes, it makes a power statement. It says “Hi, I am a stylish man and I take pride in my image!” As you should.





In a lot of our cases, we do everything with our phones so I cannot even imagine walking to my car without it. And it’s parked in the driveway!

Aside from business (calls, emails, etc.), without your phone, it feels like your disconnected from the world!




No seriously, glasses add an extra edge to your look. Whether we’re talking about some classic wayfarers, or some vintage round frames, I’m a stern believer that they can breathe life into the dullest looks.






This one is personal and I know my fellow professionals will agree. Your pen works as an accessory, a statement piece that screams “I’M A PROFESSIONAL!” and I’m ready to sign another check.





This one keeps my day going. Working in the stressful corporate environments that I currently and have worked for in the past, sometimes you just need to take some of the edge off and this has gotten the job done time after time.