Guys, I know we’ve all been in that situation where we meet a girl and she is just amazing! She’s hot, she’s smart, and you have so much in common that it’s sickening! I mean you couldn’t dream of a woman more suited for you and just when you think “NOTHING CAN GO WRONG“…it happens…reality hits.

It’s time to Meet the Parents

The one task that has haunted the male species for centuries!

Trust me I know how stressful this can be, but my personal experience shows that worrying is the worst thing to do. Take a deep breath, try not to over think, but be prepared because after all, this is still an interview!

Put on your poker face and walk in there with confidence!

STEP 1 – Get the Scoop.

Most relationships aren’t succesful because most guys skip this step. Think about this, a lot of parents fear letting go. They’ve raised this young woman from birth and now here you come all willy-nilly taking their “baby” away from them. It’s only logical to help her parents feel comfortable about such a transition.

Find out more about the parents, what they like and what they don’t, where her father works, what sports he’s into, how you should greet her mother, religious preference, and so on. Don’t walk in there blank! You don’t want that awkward silence, so the more you know, the more control you’ll have in picking which direction the conversation goes.

STEP 2 – Dress nice.

Dress the way you want to be treated. Meeting your girlfriend’s father is always a stressful situation, so showing up looking like a vagabond is probably the worst thing you can do.

Regardless of where her parents are from, any modernized or semi-modernized parent can appreciate a nice suit, but this only comes in handy if you’re in such a setting. If your only meeting them at their home or somewhere less formal, throw on a crisp button-up and jeans paired with anything but sneakers. And I’m not saying this because I’m not necessarily the biggest sneaker fan, but at first glance, you want to look responsible, trustworthy, and like someone her father can relate to.

STEP 3 – Make your first impression, your best impression!

You can never redo your 1st impression, so make it a good one! Don’t pop up empty-handed, if it’s dinner at her parents home bring a bottle of wine or if your meeting at a restaurant, bring a small bouquet of flowers for mom and a rose for your girlfriend. This will show that you’re a thoughtful person and that always lightens the mood.

Note: DONT BE FAKE! Parents can smell the bulls**t from a mile away! Just be the best version of yourself and you’ll be fine.

STEP 4 – Be polite. Be confident. Be you.

At this point you’ve met the parents and now it’s time to put all the info you’ve gathered to use. You’ve already impressed them with the bottle of wine or flowers and now it’s time to seal the deal! Make sure you come off confident and humble. What I mean is, be confident enough to start the conversation but humble enough to only speak when spoken to. Dont cut anyone off when they’re speaking and show interest in everything her parents are interested in.

When asked about your career, regardless if you’re a CEO or a bag boy, OWN IT. If you’re not where you’d like to be in life, briefly elaborate on your plans and help them understand and see your vision. Be sincere and you’ll be successful.


As funny as it sounds, you don’t want to be that guy for more reasons than one. You’re creating the image of a “party boy” in the eyes of her folks and that’s almost never a good thing. Then there’s the possibility of you getting drunk and who knows how bad that can end, so let’s control our drinking and tend to the bigger picture.


After following all of the steps listed above, I’m confident you’ll find success developing the perfect “in-law” relationship! Good luck!