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As a young professional, I’ve learned a lot in my years striving for success. Among those things, I’ve learned that sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest impression on your colleagues and clients. So whether your a real estate agent, a banker, or a full blown entrepreneur here are my choices for the Professional Man:

4 Accessories the Professional man can’t go without!

Business card holder

Let’s break the word professional down. A professional is someone rendering services Card Holder  for Professional manthat they’re skilled and experienced in. Someone you trust with these services because you believe they can get the job done.

Now imagine going to that someone, lets say a health insurance agent, and after reviewing plans and options, you decide your not ready today, but you’ll make a decision in a week. Here’s the fun part, you ask him for a business card and he pulls a bent card out of his pocket. Will you really call him in a week?

A business card hold says, I am an organized professional and I take pride in my presentation.

If you don’t already have one get on the move and buy one today!


Need I say more? This tool has been a revolutionary. A tablet that’ll take on just about all of the tasks a computer can, without the bulk, but its convenience isn’t the only reason I choose to add it to this list.

Owning an iPad can add an extra productive edge as a professional, but it only works if you let it.

Make your iPad your “work-pad” and set certain work tasks just to it.
iPad  for Professional manSee, if your a socialite like me, you have tons of Social apps on your phone. I’m not saying that’s bad, but at times, it can take the focus away from whatever the task is. S,o try disabling notifications from such apps on the “work-pad” and you’ll be ready to go!

Check and reply to emails, take on video conferences, review contracts, accept payments and conduct research on the go with one today!

Professional pen

This one is more of a bonus, since not every single client or colleague you encounter will pay attention to it but trust me, you’ll gain tons of “cool points” from the ones who do.pen for  for Professional man

A plastic ballpoint pens says you’re prepared, but experience has shown the real pro carries a Mont Blanc, Cross, or a Parker pen.

Most pro pens will run you anywhere from $10-$90 depending on your preference.

Briefcase/Portfolio Wallet

Briefcase for Professional manThe Ultimate Professional Man accessory.

A briefcase or portfolio wallet screams PROFESSIONAL and STYLISH while actually being  convenient.

And I mean where else would you put the other 3 things I mentioned?