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This week we have the bold and stylish Double Monk strap by one of our company’s favorites, Cole Haan. This fashion statement has been becoming more and more common in the professional world and I can see why. Think about it, when you first see someone wearing them, what are some power words that come to mind? I can only speak for myself, but I think “stylish”, “fashionable”, and in most cases “successful.” Not to mention that with Cole Haan you know you’re getting quality and comfort along with the style.

The Style

They come in multiple colors, but our favorite is the British Tan. A classic colorway that can go with anything from a full business suit to a casual weekend outfit with jeans. You really can’t go wrong with this stylish pair of shoes.

Put it this way. Imagine your taking a short business trip to another office and you need three outfits:

  1. Thursday you have a meeting with the execs. You need formal business attire. Full suite and all.
  2. Friday you’ll be working out of that office. You need a business casual outfit. It’s summer so maybe a nice button up and some khaki chinos.
  3. Friday night, Matt from marketing told you he’s taking you our to the best local happy hour. You need the fresh fit that can get you in anywhere, but it’s not a nightclub so you want to keep the colors light but stylish. Maybe some dark denim jeans, a nice, premium v-neck, and a casual blazer for later on.

Well check out the shoe that can pull off all three of these looks.

Giraldo Double Monk by Cole Haan: British Tan

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The best part of these is they are currently on sell for 73% off!!! Get a pair at Cole Haan by clicking here.