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For generations shopping and the entire in-person shopping experience for  apparel and grooming products has been targeted towards women. Just think about all the trips to the mall hoping to catch a chair to sit with all the bags while you waited for the women to go into store after store. It’s not necessarily that we didn’t want to be there, but more often than not there just wasn’t anything to do. Unless we were getting shoes or something like that our selection was extremely limited. They just simply didn’t have stores catered to us.

Sure men have always had the stereotypical hardware stores and etc., but just as much as thinking women don’t do manual labor is an outdated idea, so is the concept that men don’t care about fashion, style, and grooming.  In fact with the younger generations men are starting to care more and more about the way they look and feel.

The good thing is that the retail industry has noticed. Just about every brand and store is extending their men’s lines. Along with the extension of existing brands we are seeing the emergence of the “Man Stores”. You know those special stores filled with, as my sons call it, man things.

Check out some of my pics from Oak & Adze during my last visit to St. Augustine.

Oak & Adze and the other man stores in St. Augustine had all types of things from beard oils to hatchets. These were more of your grooming, accessories and craft stores, but men’s apparel stores are popping up all over too.

So other than online where are y’all shopping at?

Visit Oak & Adze by clicking here.