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With millions off apps available, which ones do you decide to keep on your main page? Or the better question is why does your significant other need Robery Bob on her home screen? Is it worth a home page seat?

I’m here to point out certain signs of what kind of women your dealing with just by looking at her apps. More specifically the apps she chooses to put on her main page. You know the one’s she uses all the time. There’s a lost art to knowing what apps who your interested in keeps on their phone’s main page.

If she has six different bank account apps on her home page you may have a problem or have walked into a beautiful situation. If nothing but social media apps are on her homepage and it’s not her career, you should already know your fighting for her attention with people she sees on a regular basis and also with the 1k followers she has as well.   Really, if that’s the case, odds are buddy the streets got her, so let it go or approach it with a non serious mindset.

There needs to be a balance of apps on the home page, too many games can make her seem childish or with a lot of time on her hands which means she probably doesn’t have the juice (Y’all can read my Juice article here).

It’s vital to see her homepage, due to the fact her phone is always with her.  It’s her assistant, her best friend, and her connection to the world. Whatever is on there has been prioritized and best describes to you who she really is and not just who she chooses to show the world.

I can go into true depths of the homepage hustle, but I rather you guys let me know what else to look for.

I’ll Be looking forward to hear what you think.