Having the Juice can refer to several things, though in this instance, I’m referring to dating. Let them know you got the Juice, but that their still important to your day-to-day. What exactly are the actions you need to do to allow the Juice to come out you ask?

Well everybody has their own personal strengths when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, but what I’m talking about is remaining the one with the power throughout the whole “feeling you out” phase.

Rule One- Remain Confident. One of the reasons a six figure dude gets any girl he wants is the confidence the money gives and gives off to women. I’m not saying  act like something you’re not, but don’t allow your weight, skin, money, etc.. to cloud your confidence.

Rule Two- If rule one doesn’t work for you, make sure you’re the funniest guy she’s met this side of the Mississippi. Apparently feeding her is important as well, but making her laugh is important during the beginning phase and long-term as well. You need to be  in her top 5 dead or alive funniest persons she’s ever met for anything to be successful. I could be sleep tho.

Rule Three- Repeat rule one and two for high success of Juice-ness. Not only will you get the girl, but you will remain on her good side no matter who her current dude is.

Use These rules for powers of good, which means don’t use it on every women. May the Juice Be with you.