2pm..3pm..4pm…its like the clock slows down after lunch but just when you started losing hope! It happens! It’s finally 5!

You can go home and relax but here’s the problem millions of us have! Turning our minds off and actually relaxing. I used to find it difficult to phase out of “work me”  into “home me” but recently, I’ve been trying different approaches.

I’ve listed a few of my new tricks in no particular order but I guarantee a combination of any 2-3 of these, and you’ll be ready to shut down and unwind!

Good luck!

Max’s Tips & Tricks

Power naps

After a tiring day at work, a bit of rest can be all we need to transition out of work mode. Lets think about it, whether you’re coming off of a 8, 10, or 12 hour shift your body can always use a quick refresher to energize your batteries, right?

The trick is, NOT TO OVER SLEEP! Try resting for 20 to 45 mins and you’ll wake up feeling brand new!


Music is such a big influence on our generation its crazy!

That’s why it’s a no brainer why it would be a part of my relaxation list.

Whether your into Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Jazz, etc!

Try listening to your favorite songs and I guarantee it will elevate your mood!


Work can be stressful and there’s no other method that relieves stress like meditation. Why do you think yogis are usually so happy and balanced? This practice aids the body into resting both physically and mentally and has a positive effect of your entire nervous system.

Try meditating for a few minutes to start. Relax your body and simply focus your attention on every breath. Don’t try to control your breathing but pay attention to your breathing patterns and keep your mind blank. 

At first your mind will wander and that’s okay, just slowly focus back into your breathing pattern and you’ll be fine!


Something as simple as a quick stretch of the body can have such a positive effect.

When executed properly stretching can help relax tense muscles by releasing endorphin’s in the body that can rapidly improve your mood.

Try touching your toes without bending your knees and slow abdominal twist!


I know what your probably thinking, after a long day at work, working out is probably the last thing on your mind and while that may be true, a quick jog or a few dozen push ups may be all your body needs to unwind.

Think about this, exercise of all sorts release endorphin’s in the body that in turn help you feel happy and energized!

Try jogging for a half a mile to a mile depending on your physical abilities, then follow it with a combination or push ups and sit ups!

Have a drink

Nothing says “Relax” like a shot of vodka right?

Now it doesn’t necessarily have to be that but whatever your vice is grab a glass of it and relax!

Hang out with friends

At times, all you need is some time out with some friends to loosen up. Convo’s about whats going on in a buddy’s life may be just whats necessary to take your mind off of whats going on in yours so a meet and greet at a local bar may be just what the doctor prescribed.

Try meeting with a group of friends a few times a month. It helps!


This one is personal to me.


So after a long day at work nothing helps put me in a relaxed mood like grabbing my mod and blowing some “O’s”.

For my smokers out there, if a cigar or any other “recreational” substances are your fix, go for it and ease up!


Let me break it down.

Stress can be due to multiple things, work, personal problem, family, etc..

Stress affects the body in a negative way and can cause aches and tension in your body so what better way to relieve stress than to attack it head on by reversing these effects?

A massage (when given correctly) can ease the knots and tension in muscles which in return, relaxes your body.

Try booking an appointment with a masseuse a few times a month or having a particular day that you and your spouse tend to each others bodies.