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Yes I realize this release came out almost 3 years ago, but considering these are my first posts, I needed to mention the dopeness of this album.

His latest album “Purpose” is getting high acclaims all around the board, but Journals was really the album we saw him transform in to the new artist he is.

Bieber fuses Pop and RnB on this album extremely well, though honestly, if he wasn’t already known for being a Pop mega star, there’s an argument I can make that this is solely an RnB album with pop influences from time to time. Once again in an honest moment, (Gonna have a lot of those on this site) I was never checking for Beibs music before this album and now I’m a low-key Belieber .

Now let’s be realistic, if that RnB money was as strong as the pop money I believe that Bieber continue making this type of music. Since it’s not, it makes complete sense to dip in that lane to gain an urban audience, but maintain his pop status…. which in my scenario worked, because I’m now a fan.

Not everything on this album is golden though. Yes u can almost play the first through last song without skipping, but the only song that had a feature that should have stayed on the album is “Confident” featuring Chance The Rapper. Are the other tracks with guest performances horrible? No. They are still good songs, but I wasn’t feeling them with the overall vibe of the album.

Overall you know you have something special when you hear your future wedding song, which btw is “One Life,” so this album from 1-10 deserves a 9. Well Done Biebs.

Check out his one of his latest videos from Purpose below.