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After listening to Kid Inks “Summer in the Winter”, I totally understand why he decided to name it what he did because it’s definitely a hot album!

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Kid Ink, but I have to say he may have done it with this one.

From the very beginning when he opens up with the raw yet super smooth execution on “Bunny Ranch” to when he hits you with the faster tempo on “That’s on you”, you can tell he’s a more confident version of himself.

Both musically and lyrically, much improvement has been made on his part.

He definitely stayed true to his California roots with the overall sound of the LP, but I think you’ll appreciate the album for what it is regardless of where you’re from and most, if not all, of the album can be played straight through in any club or party.

Album cover

One word, busy.

The album cover has a lot going on. I personally expected a cover that followed the theme of the title but instead Kid Ink went with a cluster of words and what looks like a silhouette of himself in the center.


Features include Fetty Wap, Starrah, Omarion, Bïa, and surprisingly enough, Akon.

Favorite Song?

I honestly can’t pick one. The whole feel of the album is just a good positive vibe that makes you wanna move!

But..if I had to choose, it’s tie it between “Bunny Ranch”, “Real Recognize”, and for those long gym sessions, “That’s on you”.


Click the link below to download album on iTunes: