Hi we are new here. My name is Stan, and my name is Christine. But people call us Lord And Lady.

We have been asked to share with you all a few relationship skills that have helped us to get to the healthy relationship we have today. Now our blogging style is probably a little different then what you are used to, but we hope it helps some one!

Lord: Have you ever asked yourself what is wrong with your relationship? I mean you found someone you are attracted to, you’ve got money in the bank, and your family loves him or her. All major bases are covered but you seem to get in a lot of arguments and never have rest or peace in your relationship.

Lady: Does that sound like you? Girl I’ve been there before! You’re talking he’s talking. You’re yelling he’s yelling. You both have valid points that each other is struggling to make but it’s just not getting through to the other person.

Lord: Well we think we might have a solution!


Lord: Yes communication is the key to a healthy successful relationship!

Lady: Communication is like the glue that holds the relationship together!

Lord: Why? Well most relationships have not learned how to speak to their partner. Men and women are different in the way we receive communication.

Lady: Yes that is the truth. Men can be so rough and super direct when talking.

Lord: But babe you also have to see that women can be so emotional when communicating!

Lady: Yes babe, I would have to say your right about that.

Lady: Most people think it’s what you say to a person that makes a conversation take a turn for the worst.

Lord: Yea, But what we have discovered that it’s not so much about what you say but HOW you say something carries just about as much weight!

Lord: For example let’s use this statement “hey babe hand me the remote.”

Lady: Now lets say he said it with his back turn away from me, while yelling because you were both in a different room.

Lord: Automatically she thinks I am being controlling and demanding.

Lady: YES I DO!

Lord: “lol” Exactly! And we all know where this goes from here. So here’s something I could have done to avoid any frustration. “Text” or call her and simply say hey babe if you can my hands are tied right now could you bring me the remote I left it in the other room.

Lady: I then would respond sure sweetie! “lol”

Lord: It’s not hard to avoid arguments; it’s the will to want to!

Lady: I know you’ve heard this a thousand times but you must THINK before you speak!

Lord: Right babe, always remember you’re not out to get each other! You love each other!

Lady: And it’s time you start acting like it!

Lord: It’s not a formula every relationship is different but we also agreed on not saying certain words in heated discussions.

Lady: Yea off limit words!

Lady: We have been working on our communication for more than two years now and we still have our days. But we both know at the end of the day we are with and for each other!

Lord: Try some of these tips out on your relationship and let us know how it works for you!

Lady: We believe so strongly in these principles for communication because we are six months away from saying I DO!

Lord: And you can’t get to that milestone without having progressed in communication skills with one another! Trust me… “lol”

Again thank you for having us! Lets do it again sometime!

With Love,
Lord and Lady


Editor’s Note:

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