If you’re one of those lucky fans that have lived in either new england or san Antonio chances are your professional franchise has only had a year or two of “this wasn’t our year”. On the other hand, when you’re a die-hard Sixers fan like I, this unfortunately has been your reality for quite some time. Keeping in mind these are essentially millionaires, so I don’t feel too bad at the end of day, but my heart cries for all my die-hard fans of losing teams.

Yes the tickets are cheaper, so at least you can see your cities professional athletes up close for a reasonable price. Still, I’d rather have a sell out arena due to the hype in the city for team some sort of achievement. Some things that us die hards have in common are we always seeing a diamond in the rough somewhere in our team, so we clinch on to the hope he or she can take us out the slums  to levels of championship caliber.

Another common feeling from us loyalists is no matter what we can’t wait for our team to beat someone who’s obnoxious fans think it’s an easy win. Whether through social media or a regular bar it’s our duty to remind such fans don’t sleep on our squad, anybody can catch this L.

In Some way we realize it’s not the wins, but the love you either have for the overall team or it’s star player. Whether rooting for a winning team or the Sixers, the golden rule is to never be a band-wangoner. To maintain the real fan lifestyle you stay with the team through the lows… however long that may be.