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cigar-oasis-lounge-1Cigars have been used for celebratory purposes for decades and most think that this form of celebration is only for the opulent, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

We can all enjoy a cigar here and there, but as a novice I’m sure there’s a lot of confusion as to where to start.

Never fear, we have your lifestyle answers!

Now to start you want to purchase a good beginner cigar.

Cigar ShopIt’s best to go to the pros, so try an actual cigar or tobacco shop and if that doesn’t work, local liquor stores usually have a section or room made just for cigars. Or if you have some time on your hand go check out a local Cigar Bar.  Ask for something mild, nothing too strong because you may not be able to handle it the first try. Typically the darker the tobacco the stronger the cigar.

Notice I said tobacco, not just the color of the wrapper, as that can sometimes deceive you. The cigars will also come in a variety of flavors, but that will come down to personal preference. For your first I suggest you start with something a little more basic.

If this is a hobby you really want to pick up, you may also want to invest in a good cigar cutter and lighter.

Cutter types vary so I’ve attached a few “starter” cigar cutters below for you to choose from.

Cigar Cutters As far as lighters go, personally I haven’t had a huge issue using a standard cigarette lighter but I have read that the fluid in those lighters can effect the overall taste of the cigar, so butane torch lighters may be your best bet.


• DO NOT INHALE! I cannot stress this enough. Trust me it isn’t a good feeling.
• Take your time. Cigars are meant to help you relax so there’s no rush.
• To help cleanse your palette and enhance the experience, have a drink while smoking. I suggest darker liquors but hey, that’s just me.