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Preparing for travel to London, England during the winter is partly defined by the country’s infamous weather.  It is unpredictable and changeable and when the forecast says it will be sunny all week, be prepared for rain.Rabess

It’s not necessary cold. I’ve experienced colder temperatures in the States. It’s that constant drizzle that can dampen your day and mood.

So how do you prepare?

Well, my advice is to run the gamut from fashionable to comfortable.  Don’t be afraid to wear color and print.  I usually wore comfRabessortable layers that included button down shirts that were paired with fall color jumpers (sweaters).  I accompanied that with designer jeans, waterproof boots, or fashionable trainers (sneakers).
This look is clean and can be transitioned easily from day to night, if need be.  Be sure to have that one article of clothing that makes your ensemble pop; such as a stylish knitted hat or a bright colored scarf.
My basic rule of thumb for my London winter days and nights is to wear what you feel comfortable in and give it your own personal flare.