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Haven’t heard of Michael Christmas yet? That’s not surprising as the super talented MC is still highly slept on. His official debut What A Weird Day came out last October and was honestly one of the dopest albums I heard all year. Only problem is I just found out about it last month by randomly hearing him on someone else’s track. He has yet to reach that mainstream success, but look him up and you’ll find plenty of press and he has a pretty solid underground following.

Michael christmas eatingBut that’s where you get the best thing about Michael Christmas, he’s not all the way on yet. We’re not getting those “I’m super rich” bars. Instead we are getting a real life introspection to the everyman’s world. He’s like the really funny homie who can actually rap. He’s currently on tour with fellow up and coming rapper Tunji Ige. Tour date link at the bottom.

He recently dropped his latest project the Baggy Eyes EP. HotNewHipHop.com users gave all three teaser tracks for the EP a 90% rating or higher according to one of their articles. I haven’t heard it yet so let’s stop talking about it and check it out together. Leave a comment and let me know what you guys think.


Baggy Eyes EP: The Latest from Michael Christmas



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