“Today’s hip hop is overrun with the same sound.”

That’s probably what you would say if you are the type of person who
only listens to the radio. Those who dive a little deeper into the
corners of the Internet know that statement is far from the truth.

Here’s one example, Raury.

Raury  Tullis  professionally known as Raury, is an American musician
from Stone Mountain Atlanta, GA. His sound is a curious mix of r&b
soul, hip hop and folk.

I found out about him listening to random songs on YouTube. My first
introduction came in the form of the cigarette song.  Check it out

I was intrigued by the clever play on words and the heartfelt hook.
“But I can’t love you right
I can’t love you, I won’t love you
But if you want the lie
I’ll provide it, I’ll supply you
But I can’t love you right
I can’t love you, I won’t love you
But if you walk the line
I’ll provide it, I’ll supply you
With these cigarettes
Light it up girl, have a ball, it’s gonna kill you”

He reminded me of a Childish Gambino or Chance The Rapper. Not
necessarily in sound, but rather in the sense of personality and
style. He was unique in his artistic expression and It drew me in to
check out more. The next song I checked out was devil’s whisper. At
the time this was his new release.

After that I was hooked. Recently he released his debut album “All We
Need”. I haven’t given it a full listen yet so I will save that review
for later.

Check it out and let me know what you guys think.