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Pusha T-Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude
70%Overall Score
Reader Rating 1 Vote

The waits over ladies and gents! Pusha T has finally blessed us with his anticipated album, “Darkest Before Dawn”.

Now let me first say I have a Philly Bias considering that’s where I called home for over 20 years, though I feel if any artist can have Jill Scott and Beanie Sigel on your album, you my friend have a very specific way you want your album to be perceived and heard.  Considering those two artists aren’t ones you typically hear on features.  Nonetheless, Pusha has a successful album on his hands regardless of the record sales.

The President of G.O.O.D Music provides the Pusha we know him as with this 10 track record, but there’s obvious effort in him taking his sound and making it more. One of the rare artists where it doesn’t seem like he tries to fit in with what’s going on, but has a good pulse on the current trends in hip-hop simultaneously.

There’s no legit club record, and the closest ones to it may be “Untouchable” and “Retribution” featuring Kehlani (who I’m also a fan of as well).  Pusha delivers the lyricism we know him for while also being socially conscious with the track “Sunshine” featuring the Philly legend Jill Scott.

Overall 1-10 id give the album a solid 7 and a half and since this is a Prelude to King Push dropping in 2016, Pusha does enough to make you appreciate this album, but also anticipate more for King Push.