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Simple answer NO! Ok, well no and yes. Record players are gaining popularity again and I asked myself this question recently as I am getting more in to different types of music. I find myself listening to a lot of older music, Jazz, and other similar formats … I also want the dope Because The Internet Vinyl Collections … So naturally, I begin to ask myself would a record player fit in my life. If looks cool and I’ve heard the sound quality is so much better, but here’s the short version of what I found:

Digital is a better format for most audio you actually listen to

Turntables are an analog audio format. Most modern music is mixed and mastered specific to the digital format. This is the biggest factor. Unless you have some original vinyl records, you are not going to get that original analog sound you are looking for.

Digital is just better any way. You get more of the details in the music. Now some may want that “warm” sound the turn table produces, but let’s be honest most of us wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. It’s just one of those things we have always wanted to check out. For most the music you listen to digital will be way better for you.

Record players are an expensive investment

Turn tables are NOT CHEAP. Let me rephrase, quality record players aren’t cheap. Sure, there are $50 dollar players out there, but if the whole point is audio quality you should look to invest at least $200 dollars. This is one place where the more you spend the better product you get.

silver record player

Records are expensive

Records can average around $30 dollars each. More popular records can go up in price. If you love music you probably have Spotify, apple music, Tidal, Pandora or something like that. You probably even have more than one. You likely also have a huge library of your own files you’ve been collecting since your first iPod which you can now listen to on your computer, phone, tv, amazon echo and a plethora of other devices. However, one thing you will have to leave off that list is your record player. Sure there are combo ones with aux inputs, but what’s the point of that? Unless you will be inheriting a collection of records, you must start you collection completely from scratch.

Records and Record players are harder to maintain and transport

A record is a physical medium. Remember scratching your favorite CD back in the day and having to hear it skip or even tossing it out? Records are just, if not more, as sensitive. You must take great care to damage them. Unlike CDs where auto correct can help, with records every flaw will be heard. Now that we are way past the LimeWire days you rarely must worry about any issues with digital versions of the files we have now. You also really can’t travel with a record player.

man touching record player


Now of course this is all relative to the person, but for the average listener who is just interested you best bet is to pass. Owning a record player is a whole new hobby/investment and it’s simply not worth it for most people. Think of it more as a novelty item or a piece of fine art. If you have the extra cash go for it, but if you’re on the fence, the grass is not greener on the other side. Opt instead for a Hi-Fi stereo system or sound bar. It will serve you better.

If you’re are still interested and want to know more details about the benefits and cons check out this great article from Buzzfeed by clicking here.