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Dipset has made a huge impact on the game. From Cams infatuation with pink to Juelz and his bandanas, there’s a lot to remember and talk about when referring to these greats.

This throwback was taken at the 2003 Source Awards, shortly after the squad released “Diplomatic Immunity”. At this point in time, these were the guys everyone wanted to be!

Swag Check

Big clothes were in style in the early 2000’s so it’s only right that all the members had on the double and triple X’s, but lets look a bit more in detail. There’s a sense of “camaraderie” in this pic. Everyone’s rocking the same dipset chain which sends the message that they’re a team but everyone’s rocking their own version the chain which also says they’re still their own person.

Cam’ron’s rocking the color pink as usual for this time in his life, which is sending the message that he dares to be different and doesn’t care what the public thinks. While you see Juelz and Freaky rocking outfits that we’re simple and clean at this time. Jim Jones may be the only one in this pic rocking something I can see someone wearing now-a-days. Not necessarily styled how he has it here but I’m sure you feel me.

Overall, in 2003, these were some fly guys!



Dipset @ 2003 Source Awards



Dipset @ Funk Flex Show in 2015