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To be honest if they had a full motion picture with credible people from hip hop debating the best rappers of all time I’d watch, but since they don’t I decided  to feed the streets  with mine. And to be clear I am excluding the usual legends such has Biggie, Pac, Nas, Hov, Eminem, and etc.

Now with these lists there are so many categories you have to take in consideration, the obvious of course are their flow, lyricism, storytelling, etc. Essentially everybody’s top 5 lists will never be the same. Especially with how easy it is with modern technology to find and explore artist. For example, someone from the west coast can listen to Big L thanks to the internet and music streaming apps.

With that said, here goes mine. This is in no particular order. I’ll also mention what I feel each artist excels in, so let the conversation begin…

  • J.Cole-Story Telling, Lyricism
  • Fabolous-Punch Lines, Flow, Longevity, Lyricism
  • Jadakiss-Punch Lines, Lyricism, Delivery
  • Beanie Sigel: Punch Lines, Delivery
  • Wiz Khalifa-A Flow that a lot of your favorite rappers use

Honorable mentions: Big Sean, Pusha T, Wale, Drake

What’s Yours?