Torey Lanez - Say It Video
90%Torey Lanez - Say It
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Ok so I’m kinda late, but recently I just started listening to Torey Lanez. Simply put he’s dope. His most popular song out right now is Say It. Check out the video above.

You can see the rest of his videos at Torey Lanez Vevo

Let’s get right to it. The song itself is pretty close to perfect. Catchy lyrics and a dope hook sampling Brownstone’s hit “If You Love Me”.  Directed by Walu, the video continues the trend with excellent video  quality and pretty good imagery to match the song.

If you haven’t watched it yet… Spoiler Alert*** (do you do that for music videos lol?)

Lanez is pictured most of the song pursuing a neighborhood girl who seems to be interested in him only after he rents a nice drop top. Throughout the video we catch scenes of the same girl texting the songs lyrics and  we presume it to be to him. However, at the end of the video there’s a nice little twist to go along with the concept of the song. Overall it was a dope video.

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