If you  love hip hop and have not seen VH1’s “The Breaks” you are missing out. The Breaks is a VH1 original movie about the Rap game right at the beginning of the 90’s. Wait, let me rephrase, it’s about Hip Hop. Hip Hop right when it was first taking off and about to become mainstream.

the breaks main castIt was a time where a good amount of people still weren’t convinced it was a genre of music that would last. It was also a different world for music than we know today. At the time, there was no internet fame, youtube, or etc.  It was a harder time for any artist to get discovered and especially hard for hip hop artist.

The movie is set in New York during the summer of 1990 and tells the story of three friends; Afton Williamson as  Nikki Jones, Tristan Wilds (aka Mack Wilds) DeeVee, and David Call as David Arron. Along with the main stars there are a plethora of familiar faces that add credibility and a sense of authenticity to the movie. These supporting actors include Wood Harris (The Wire, Paid in Full, Method Man, and newly discovered up and coming rapper  A-F-R-O. Though the majority of them are not in the type of role you would expect, something about seeing them on the screen just makes you feel a sense of familiarity.

Check out the trailer below

The movie uses the three main stars and their interactions to tell three different sides of the industry. The label execs and behind the scenes staff, the producers and artist, and the DJs and radio personalities.

I’m not going to get into much more of the story, but I will say it is mack wilds and wood harrisdefinitely worth watching. I actually watched it twice in a row when it released. The only downfall is that the ending leaves you with a deep sense of incompleteness. But that may be the point as rumor has it the movie may serve as an introduction to an ongoing series and there’s definitely enough substance and possible stories to explore to do so. You can view the full movie online at VH1.com by clicking here.

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