I was recently at a local liquor store with Brandage Founder, Aj Ford and as usual, we could not make up our minds on what to get.

We were on our way to friends house to celebrate his wife’s birthday and in our eyes, our choice or choices would either make or break the vibe for that night.

With the pressure on, we walked towards our personal favorites, you know, the “Ciroc” and “Hennessy” but after a 5 minute talk with the stores assistant manager, we decided on neither.


This decision was made after the rep explained the true differences between the spirits and after doing my own research, here’s what I found:

  • Most vodkas are distilled 4-5 times.
  • Most of the major brand vodkas¬†are made overseas. (France, Poland, Sweden)
  • The most common Alcohol By Volume (ABV) is approximately 40%, though some bottles are as high as 50% or as low as 30%.
  • Base ingredient is usually wheat, but can vary from a grape base (Ciroc) to a potato base (Grand Teton).

Now why are these differences important?

Well to ensure I paint the perfect picture for you, I’ve created the comparisons between the “$40+” & the “$20 or less” bottles below,¬†with assistance from our friends at Underthelabel.com.


Here we have a great example of “bigger” not being “better”.

On the left we have Grey Goose by Bacardi, 5 times distilled, wheat based French vodka versus a much smaller but tasteful & organic, Froggy B.

Automatically anyone would think that the great “Grey Goose” is the easy choice, but not so fast!

Based on multiple taste test & the info from UTL, that’s not the case.

For half the price of “Goose”, you can enjoy the Double Gold winning, 6 times distilled, French, “bargain bottle” and enjoy whats seems to be the “better” vodka.





Here’s a full list of all the vodkas from UTL, take a look, find your favs and remember, more expensive doesn’t always mean better and more often than not, your only paying for the name of the label.