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As business men and aspiring business men, your image says it all before you can even introduce yourself. Something as simple as the color of your tie may make the difference between you being a closer or just another presenter. My favorite example of how important this choice is, is politicians. Notice that when a politician is running for office, you’ll either see them wearing a red or blue tie, but why is that? These colors subconsciously tell those around you that your confident, trustworthy and passionate. This automatically gives you an edge but what about the other colors?

What do they mean and what if these aren’t the signals you want to send?

Well since colors tend to tell your story, I’ve listed what message you’re sending when wearing these different colors!

Hope this helps!


Redred tie

This has often been referred to as “The Power Tie”.

When wearing a red tie those you encounter see a dominate man. A man who doesn’t take no as answer and will fight for the things he wants!

In the suit world, red goes with just about anything.

Represents: Dominance, Strength, Passion, Aggression.


Blueblue tie

“A salesman’s favorite”.

Blue says that your professional yet approachable.

In my opinion, this is the perfect color to wear to interview.

This may be one of the most universal colors as it goes well with different shades blues, greys, hell, even green,

Represents: Trust, Stability, Confidence, Loyalty, Intelligence.






This color conveys that the wearer is balanced yet down-to-earth.

Depending on the shade of green, I’d advise combining this color with dark shades of blue and mid to dark greys.

Represents: Reliability, Balance, Stability, Practicality.





This is more subtle version of “The Power Tie” and “The Salesman’s Favorite”.

Yellow combines the emotions that red and blue ties convey and adds a little positive flare by making the wearer seem more approachable.

This color goes great with blue and lighter shades of grey.

Represents: Intelligence, Authority, Confidence.






Purple is often associated with royalty and gives the wearer a boost that says he’s extremely confident and creative.

This color is too often worn with black but I’d advise styling it up a bit by combining it with either a grey or a blue suit.

Represents: Power, Ambition, Confidence, Creativity.