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Impressions are the reality of how we are perceived in this world. How we look is what determines the first impression we make on people. If you want that perception to reflect who you really are then you need to be conscious of what your look is saying about you.

The most important part of how you look is your attire. This is something everyone knows and focuses on heavily, yet the majority of people ignore the biggest part; the shoes. You shoes more than anything else reflect who are. The perfect outfit can be completely ruined by bad shoes. As well as the simplest outfit can be transformed by the right shoe.

Finding that right shoe is not just about having the highest priced shoes or the rarest brands and traditional standards have went out the door. However,  the true essence of wearing the  proper shoe is easily defined by three things:

  • Appropriate for the  Occasion
    • You don’t wear dress shoes to play basketball or sandals to the office. Know what shoes are appropriate for the situation.
  • Stylish and Clean
    • Unless your playing sports, doing physical labor, or some other closely related item your shoes should always be clean and stylish. Stylish is subjective and really depends on the individual, but overall general trends should be followed.
  • Compatibility with entire outfit
    • Even the best made shoes can look horrible when paired with the wrong outfit. Make sure your shoes fit what you are wearing in style, color, and material.

You’ll find plenty of articles about the what, when, where and why about shoes, but it all comes down to those three things. Always take those factors in to consideration and  next time you’re getting dressed make sure you know what your shoes are saying about you.